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Category: Game Elements

Discussion that covers rules, adventure snippets, campaign discussions, GMing issues, new items, armour and weapons, and other elements that involve game techniques and mechanics.

The Case for a Kaldoran Ocean Port

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series What-if: Kaldoran Port

What are the advantages of a port controlled by Kaldor that can take ocean-going vessels? There are lots, not least of which is maintaining Tashal’s pre-eminence as the commercial hub of Hârn, and filling the coffers of the Kingdom of Kaldor in the process. We examine the case for a port, and link to the original Port of Kaldor article.

Tahnaryn: The Black Magic of Kethira

Tahnarism is the ability to manipulate a portion of the Anti-Principle (the “force” present in Bukrai) to accomplish tasks. It is an attempt to introduce necromantic magic into Hârn that does not rely on the Morgathian Church and its pre-occupation with death.