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Hârn Pottage

As the title suggests, this has a bit of everything in it and flavoured with a little meat. It’s a mishmash of random buildings, places and things to be used on Hârn anywhere the GM feels appropriate. Although locations are given for a couple of pieces, these are optional and easily moved.

Also included are various arcane items for campaigns which use magic. The mini adventures/encounters included will hopefully help those GMs who have nothing prepared, or as filler for their PCs’ travels between major points in their present quest, but could be used as a starting off point for beginning characters.

The piece is excellently illustrated by Richard Luschek, and you already know Mike’s beautiful maps from his work on the Tashal module for CGI. Hârn Pottage is a must-have module. I’ll certainly be making use of it, and I hope there are many more Pottage modules to come in the future.

by Mike St-Pierre


Update 2008-01-04Hârn Pottage has been reviewed on RPGnet, and those thoughts are up for all the world to see. Jocelyn Robitaille gave the article top marks for style and only marked down substance by a single point because he doesn’t use (or even know) Hârn and couldn’t use the items described in it. Hmmm…I can see his point, but surely a bit of thought might provide him with some ideas as to how to use the items. Still, 9 out of 10 is a pretty good score. Well done Mike!

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  1. I must say that this is an extremely useful bit of work. Easily adapted to whatever you want to do with it. Much thanks Mike (and Richard).

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