Ancestral Debt (Letters)

Ancestral Debt (Letters) is the first in a series of adventures that form a campaign to free Fana of the gargun; THE GARGUN CRUSADE. The campaign centers around three political/economic elements in Harn World of 720:

  1. Hazmadul III has declared that he would confer the Barony of Axxon to the one that clears Fana of gargun and hold the land for seven productive years; and the King also desires better relations and trade with his human neighbor.
  2. Hemisen Curo (Earl of Neph) desires to enhance his families prestige and would like to see his Clan as the next Royal Dynasty of Kaldor. To this end having lands outside Kaldor will protect Clan Curo in the event of a disaster in pending Kaldor Succession Crises. A successful “War” would enhance his standing. And finally Clan Curo has lost some of its Khuzdul trade to Clan Daruine, coming to the aid of the King Hazmadul III will restore the lost prestige.
  3. The Church of Larani is Kaldor chaffs at being summoned to Melderyn for the Solari Crusade and may welcome a “Just War” closer to home. This would give them a sound moral reason to beg off the summons.

The Earl of Neph (as suggested by his shrewd steward) has decided to offer King Hazmadul his aid in recovering Fana, and he cites an “Ancestral Debt” owed by the descendants of King Calsten to the Khuzan people and crown. The first part of the series is a trek up the Silver Way to deliver the Earl’s offer. Bandits and Gargun await!

by Richard Delorme

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