Kandian Hundreds

December 22, 2009

This supplement shows one or more Kandian hundreds (the core territories) with their subinfeudation structures by the coat of arms of their tenants-in-chief and the intermediary tenants.

On different layers, the maps show in detail the tenant-in-chief (church, sheriff, earl or baron) and his coat of arms, intermediary tenant, the name of the holder or bailiff/reeve and his/her coat of arms (if known from canon or fanon), more information is given on the ´data´ layer: fief size and land quality, number of households and population.

This is part I and contains the hundreds Alatar, Aleta, Aleur, Chakre, Dunzael, Dyrien, Homele, Horkand, Kandis, Kedisa Mineous, Mirwyn and Omele. More hundreds to come…

by Werner (sard) Riga

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