Daasen Keep

Daasen is an Ivinian thran nestled in a small cove along the Jarig River in Orbaal. The small thran of Daasen is now ruled by Harsin, a foolish and unpopular Valhakar of clan Daasen, and there are moves afoot to overthrow and replace him. The thran is a thriving economy based upon the wealth of hunting and fishing in the area, but despite its wealth and the calls from his bretheren in Myna, Harsin has not sent tribute to clan Daas of Myna since becoming the clan’s Valhakar.

There is tension about the thran between the local Jarin population and their Ivinian mastes.

This richly illustrated article tells of the history and current position of Daasen. It includes a local map (b&w and colour), and describes most of the buildings and their inhabitants in the CGI classic format. Daasen can be easily converted to represent any other thran in Orbaal, and should be useful for any campaign taking place in the Ivinian corner of Harn.

by Neil Milne


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