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A Chybisan Almanac

To Chybisans, the passage of time is not a turning of the calendar’s page. It is measured in the spring thaw, the turning of the soil, the sowing, and the harvest, and punctuated with the passage of the great spring and fall caravans and the hustle and bustle of the market fairs they bring. “A Chybisan Almanac” contains a month-by-month recounting of the activities that occur in the small Kingdom of Chybisa, and would be seen by adventurers and those passing through. Originally written to support the “Peoni’s Tear” PBeM campaign, “A Chybisan Almanac” was first published in the source book “Chybisa: Green & Pleasant Land.” This version offers a new graphic presentation that is consistent with HârnWorld 3rd Edition articles.

This material was adapted from the website of Sophia Tribad, and has her blessing to be presented in this format. The download includes the Open Office document; permission is granted to modify this document for personal use only. Redistribution rights for all files are reserved and not granted for “A Chybisan Almanac” and any derivative file, and hyperlinks to “A Chybisan Almanac” must be to the official download page here at

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by Sophia Tribad & edited by Konnel Damiano


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