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Trouble in Rethem

A protective and now damaged artifact has been removed from a malfunctioning Earthmaster site in the Peran peninsula. The protective artifact gone, the Earthmaster site is causing the local Kuboran tribes to suffer a mysterious illness. They have sent a Kuboran warrior and former gladiator south to try and recover the object, which they believe to be holy and the illness a curse from one of their gods. Meanwhile, the artifact itself has found use in secret politics between and Rethem and Tharda. In their quest to recover this artifact, the players will be faced with challenges not only physical, but also moral. Will they help the desperate Kuborans? Will they choose to try to prevent war between Rethem and Tharda or will they simply choose to take coin and watch the world burn?

This standalone 90-page fanon adventure takes place in the kingdom of Réthem. The adventure contains extensive maps and floorplans, full stats for NPCs, and playable, pre-generated characters and is ready for the GM to use. The adventure is an opportunity for new players to quickly get into the Hârn setting, and try it out in a fast-paced introductory scenario.

by Robert Dudock

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