Disputes among clans are not unknown, but when a druid’s golden sickle is stolen, something must be done.

Steve Turner, the Managing Director of Brittannia Game Designs Ltd., who make Chivalry & Sorcery, has kindly offered the following 48 page adventure for the free and personal use of Hârn fans. Currently available to purchase on, if you like the adventure and are willing, all he asks is that you make a small donation to your local animal welfare charity. In the UK Steve personally supports three Guinea Pig Rescues (one is a sanctuary for special needs), and UK fans are encouraged to support one or more of these:

Although it’s an adventure set in the fantasy world of Marakush and not Hârn, Treachery could be adapted for use on the Misty Isle. Or Marakush could be in the same family of worlds as Kethira and be connected to Hârn via a barasi point or Godstone. This adventure has Chivalry & Sorcery: The Rebirth stats throughout, but also sees the introduction of HârnMaster™ stats. Steve would like to personally thank Grant Dalgleish of Columbia Games for giving his permission to include these stats.

by Steve & Sue Turner

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