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Lankorian Blackhand Font

This font is made up of vertical and horizontal angular strokes as opposed to the usual round and diagonal strokes of other Lakise scripts; a well-crafted page is impressive—even a little intimidating.

Karéjia – the City-States of the Venârian Sea

We are pleased to announce our first publication of 2019- Karéjia – the City-States of the Venârian Sea. Continuing our Venârivè Almanac series, this module describes the heart of Venârivè – the islands of the Karéjian Archipelago and the lands of the eastern seaboard which are part of the Karéjian League. The region includes cities as diverse as Livélis, Phanósia, Shélon, Ájygàl, and Gílech and a total of over 200 city-states, with massive trading fleets […]

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