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Nuem-Yael Map Pack

This map pack contains a number of TIFF images of small villages and hamlets, including Beoran, Bilonin, Cundras, Evire, Fehin, Fezy, Fosumo, Himlet, Kedic, Kelime, Labret, Molon, Pouka, Purque, Racyn, Rythik, Saserus, Yael, and Zonun. The settlements are strung along the Nuem Trail in southern Melderyn, which eventually connects to Gythrun Castle. This is an area of Melderyn where the Solori tribesmen are active.

There is no text with the maps, just the low resolution images, so GMs will have supply their own information about each hamlet, its inhabitants and the surrounding lands.

by Tuomo Aimonen

NB: This file used to be known as the Nuel-Yael Map Pack.

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