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Grand Grimoire of the Pvaric Tradition

This 220-page document contains all the spells that are currently in use in my p-Hârn. The spells were drawn from a multitude of sources, from the original seven Tomes of the Ancient and Esoteric Mysteries of XXX (CGI #4502-4508) to Hârnmaster Gold Shèk-Pvâr by Keléstia Productions, to numerous unofficial spell compilations and spell packs found on, to many spells devised and researched by many of my players and myself over the last 30+ years.

Many of these spells have been rewritten, revised, renamed and altered to fit into my own vision of how magic works in my p-Hârn.

The spells are laid down in the original format for HM1/Shek-Pvar (CGI #4501). They should be fully compatible for use with the Hârnmaster Gold rules. HM2 and HM3 have made numerous changes to the magic rules, and I’m afraid you’re on your own to adapt the particulars of each spell to those rules editions. Also, please be aware that I’ve rewritten many of the “official” spells from CGI and Kelestia Productions to fit into my own vision – if you’re looking for the official versions of these spells, you won’t necessarily find them here.

Compiled by Bernhard Bihler (originally created by yours truly and by many other authors)

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