Bognor’s Folly

Bognor’s Folly is set on the periphery of the kingdom of Orbaal in northern Hârn. Here, in the Anoth Delta, the rule of the Ivinian overlords is weak. Pirates, rebels, and barbarians prowl the marshes, as do more mysterious things. In this bleak wilderness is hidden an esoteric jewel: the lost sanctum of the great mage Bognor.

Bognor’s skill was legendary. His knowledge of living things, especially the green and growing, was without compare. But so too was his pride. He delved too deeply into secrets best left alone, it is said, well past the limits of his understanding.

Nearly a quarter century has passed since Bognor’s demise. Many have tried to find his marvellous home, to uncover his secrets, or plunder his treasures. None have returned. Will the player characters be able to succeed where others have failed? Can they find the wizard’s famous abode and unlock its mysteries? Or will they, too, become victims of Bognor’s folly?

Included in this adventure pack are:

  • Bognor’s Folly: An adventure synopsis with suggestions for getting your characters involved and for further expansion by the gamemaster.
  • Bognor’s Island: A description of Bognor’s island sanctum, its unique inhabitants, and its secrets.
  • Bognor’s Arcana: A collection of useful items associated with Bognor, including expansions of CGI’s Herblore, Potions, and Tomes & Scrolls articles. Also included is a four page expansion of the Fyvria section of HârnMaster Magic, with details of some of Bognor’s original spells.
  • Maps and Plans: Player and GM maps of the island, plus plans of its two main locales. Also includes an atlas map and a player handout map of the Anoth Delta.

Bognor’s Folly requires the location article Anoth Delta, available separately from this website.

by Rob Barnes

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