Burzyn – Afaelin House

Afaelin House, located in the outermost ward of the royal castle, is the main residence for members of Clan Afaelin when spending time in Chybisa’s principal settlement of Burzyn. The clan head is Sir Martis Afaelin, 11th Baron of Aereben, who is a shrewd and manipulative politician and one of the most feared men in the Kingdom of Chybisa. Not only is Afaelin House the baron’s residence while he is in Burzyn, it also serves as a clearing house for the information gathered by his well-cultivated network of informants and spies. This network keeps him apprised of events and rumors throughout the kingdom as well as those from beyond its borders

This 8-page article includes information on the baron’s spymaster and network of informants, summaries of the many Afaelin family members that can be encountered at the townhouse, a simplified genealogy of clan Afaelin, descriptions and interior plans of the Afaelin Townhouse, a one-page overview of the Aereben Warehouse in Burzyn, as well as a page of adventure hooks. The article also contains heraldry by C. I. Roegner and Matt Roegner.

By S. J. Clark

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