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Tashal Royal Amphitheatre

Although it appears new, the Royal Amphitheatre is the oldest above ground structure in Tashal. Originally constructed by the Khuzdul when the city was know as Meyvinel, it was recently renovated under the direction of the king’s Khuzan Inspector of Public Works.

The theatre is used for dramatic plays, comedies, morality tales, puppet shows and animal acts. Although it is busiest during the Summer Fair, the amphitheatre is cleaned in the spring and shows start at the beginning of summer. Shows are performed throughout the summer, both during the day and early evening, when the days are long.

Hawkers and performers wander the fair, drumming up interest for later shows. Different guilds and wealthy patrons sponsor productions, with fierce competition to put on the best show. Maps were provided by Bill Beane, art by Richard Luschek, and the art sponsor is Joe Adams.

by Joe Adams and Kerry Mould

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