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Baseta Keep

The remote Baseta Keep is held by Constable Eres Tereneth from the Earl of Vemion in the Kingdom of Kaldor. To the people who live and work there, it is not remote, it is home. This tight knit community is presently facing a horror as each month, people are butchered by an unknown malevolence. The Constable is at his wit’s end, and may be ready for drastic action. This 18 page article features art by Bernhard Bihler, plans by C. I. Roegner (with design input by Matt Leber), heraldry for the entire subinfeudation of Baseta, and a new feature: manor capsules. Special thanks to Nicholas Lowson for use of his original map and its inspiration from summer travels in France.

Updated Sept 2022 with minor corrections. Now with bonus map of Ansteedon Manor!

by Matt Roegner


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