Royal Court of Kanday

Who pulls the strings in Kanday’s government? Who are the lords and ladies that advise the king, investigate felonies, supervise the realm’s spies, and make sure that there is always enough venison for his majesty’s table? The earls, barons, and bishops are well-known from canon publications, but the official sources are rather quiet about the people holding the high offices in the royal government.

This fully illustrated 24-page article gives details on the holders of office and the most important persons in the Royal Court of Kanday, shows a typical day in the life of King Andasin IV, explains the travelling court and its important stops, and describes the politics of marriage and the hopeful brides-to-be along with the most prominent failures so far. The last part of the article details the perilous process of petitioning the king and court, describes the different types of petitioners, and showcases several petitioners with their pet pleas in the form of short plot-hooks.

by Bernhard and Gina Bihler

Note: This includes the 8 pages on the holders of office previously published. This part of the text has not been changed, only a box with clear credits on authorship, art, editing, and layout has been added to the first page. These pages have been added for your convenience so that you have the whole article in one handy pdf.

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