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Afarezirs: The Root Of All Evil

Jamys of Abrant made you an offer you really couldn’t refuse.  Your time in Tormau had been too good to last; a welcome at its best Inn and work that was none too taxing. Now it seems you have out-stayed your welcome and it’s time to move on. Jamys, being the honest rogue he is, even has a suggestion:

“I’ve had a letter from some old mates in Golotha.  You ever been to Golotha?  Lovely place … I grew up there; learned my trade, so to speak.  You’ll like it and I think I can set you up with a nice little earner down there.  Might mean a bit of travel but you lot like a bit of travel, don’t you? Don’t break my heart and say ‘No’.  I hate it when people say ‘No’ to me … if you get my drift?”

This is the second adventure in the Dark Rethem series, and sees the heroes travelling from Golotha to the Afarezirs to harvest a rare plant for a substantial reward. But as always, nothing is as easy as it sounds. You may also want to consider downloading Maps: Afarezirs.

by Alun Rees



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