Chybisa Manor Data

What you will find here is a list of all 78 Chybisan settlements in a form usable for HarnManor. The data is based on the Chybisa module from Columbia Games Inc.

All data is produced randomly, so any glitches to existing publications (especially the larger settlements) should be solved by scrapping the PDF – these are just meant to supplement gaps in existing information.

by Alex Schudak


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  1. The PDF for Burzyn is of course nuts – currently towns are not properly handled. I will take a look at the Fanon article for towns and probably expand it sooner or later.

    If somebody wants a similar output for the other Hârnic kingdoms, let me know.

    The software actually also creates html-pages with the same core data and much additional output, including NPC stats for any soul living in the village (including family relations). If there is sufficient interest I will put it online. I just need to adjust it from python 2.5 to 3.x – the PDF-generator, alas will not work online with my provider.

    Note also that there are several other projects that produce great PDF, HTML or Excel outputs for Hârnmanor. A tribute to the great idea behind this module…

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