Thard – River of Empire

The mighty Thard River flows from Lake Benath through the Thardic Republic, along the border with the Kingdom of Kanday and into the Kingdom of Rethem, to empty into the Hâonic Ocean at Golotha on the shores of Boka Bay. Although it is a short journey compared to other rivers, it carries with it the commerce and livelihoods of a great many people.

The Thard has shaped history in clear ways. It channeled the growth of the Corani Empire and the progress of the Balshan Jihad. It is the backbone of the Thardic Republic, and has been the objective of the advancing Rethemi and Kandayan armies.

This module contains information on the commodities carried on the river, the markets along its banks, and the political, cultural and ethnic groups that line its shores. If you have, or are contemplating, a game with western Hârn as its setting, this is a module you should download.

by Anon

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