Asolade Hundred

A stunning 84-pages of quality information, pictures and maps, this is a must for those running a campaign in the Kingdom of Kaldor. Asolade Hundred gives details of every settlement within the Hundred, including nobles, guildsmen and important serfs. The module contains a separate PDF containing a full colour map of the Hundred by Kelestia Productions. It provides the regional information within which the companion article Jedes (qv) is situated, and in which the adventure A Shower of Silver (qv) takes place.

Note: This module conforms to the Kelestia Productions Fanon License.

by Neil Thompson


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  1. So, why is this thing in the Kelestia Format?

    My reasons are on the HarnForum, but an expanded explanation/essay is below. Feel free to disagree with me.

    Since the publication of “Kingdom of Káldôr” in 2004, which was:
    Copyright © 2004, N. Robin Crossby and Columbia Games, Inc.
    More recent material (for example Gardîren) has been:
    Copyright © 2006 Columbia Games, Inc.
    Of course, there is no doubt that N. Robin Crossby had nothing whatsoever to do with the writing or editing of Gardîren. However, on this, and other articles, despite the fact that Mr Crossby created Hârn, he is given no credit at all, not even a creator credit.

    I appreciate that much of the CGI Hârn output, right from the earliest days, was neither written, nor edited by NRC. Nevertheless no-one, so far as I am aware, has ever disputed the fact that NRC is the original creator. The original map is copyright NRC, not NRC & CGI.

    The HârnFAQ (what is HârnWorld) says:
    HârnWorld was created and originally written by N. Robin Crossby and published by Columbia Games Inc.

    I have not heard any argument from CGI that they were anything other that the licensed publisher. When “the dispute” started the CGI argument was (if I recall correctly) that until NRC went to formal arbitration, the publishing licence (contract?) remained in force. I have previously accepted this argument.

    However (and perhaps I’m simply stupid) I cannot see how, under any licence or contract, CGI can stop including NRC in a joint copyright. This issue has been concerning me for some time and I’d appreciate some justification from CGI as to why they believe that they can legally remove Robin’s name from materials set on the world he created.

    As an aside, I know that NRC (and Keléstia) have never put any joint copyright on their material. They have justified this by saying, in effect: “the contract is at an end, all rights have reverted to NRC”. I’ve no idea whether this is correct (and I’m certainly no legal expert), but it seems to me that either: the contract is still in force, in which case CGI should be crediting NRC; or it isn’t, in which case they should not be publishing anything.

    This has not been an easy decision for me, I’ve been considering what to do since Christmas! However, I cannot support CGI publications so long as they continue to publish material set on Hârn but fail to credit NRC as creator. I am only one person, and there is very little I can do as an individual. I do not always agree with NRC (my views on accents are well documented), but I can no longer justify purchasing any Hârn materials that do not acknowledge N Robin Crossby as creator.

    In order to show some solidarity to Mr Crossby I intend to re-submit all my ‘fanon’ articles re-formatted into the Keléstia house style and copyrighting NRC (Keléstia) and not the CGI style used by most fan writers. I would certainly never publish anything based on Hârn that fails to credit NRC and I would ask other fanon writers to think about doing the same. I believe that it is a stand I must take until this mess is sorted out. I also understand that others will take a different view.

    I have no dispute at all with the writers of Hârn. I have a huge amount of respect for all of them, both CGI and Keléstia. They are united in their passion for the world of Hârn. They are fans of this make-believe world and want nothing more than to be allowed to help in its continuing creation.


  2. This is a great Fanon. I have really been enjoying reading all the work and detail you put into it. Little things like the Heralds and Blue Eyes.

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