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Chantry of Arcane Lore – Cherafir

The Chantry of Arcane Lore in Cherafir is one of the most prestigious institutions in Lythia. This article is a reworking of page 4 of the Cherafir article in Cities of Hârn, which is no longer available in print. The plans have been significantly amended and the written descriptions have been greatly expanded although the established details such as the number of masters and the Hall of the Godstone remain as they where.

If you own Cities of Hârn, and you would like more information on the most important institution on the Misty Isle, then this expansion is for you.

by Richard Woollacott


For those that want the original Sketchup file, here is the revised Chantry file. There are some clashes. The internal walls aren’t fully modelled, neither are the chimneys and the windows aren’t finished on the inside and none of the staircases are modelled either, nor are the cellars.


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