Comprehensive Pricelists

June 24, 2014

A useful aide for any GM, these pricelists are all fairly comprehensive, drawing together prices from many places. GMs should use these as a kind of price indication, actual prices charged could vary up or down depending on season, competition, supply, the seller’s greed and the buyer’s bargaining skills. Download them all and pick the one you like best.

Comprehensive Pricelist Download
The first pricelist is in MS Word format, which allows GMs to add and change prices to suit themselves.
by Alan Nelson

HM1 Pricelist Download
The second pricelist was put together from information in the first edition of the HârnMaster rules. It is a PDF file.
by Patrick Nilsson

Leitchy's Prices Download
The final pricelist is also a compilation and formatted for my own personal convenience. Some prices in this version are slightly higher than in the others. It is in both MS Word and PDF format, for even more convenience.
by Leitchy

Golotha Guild of Arcane Lore

September 8, 2012

Part 15 of 22 in the series Dark Rethem

Most people expect a Chantry of Arcane Lore to emanate an aura of mystery and magic. Most of what those neighbours know about the Masters who study here is gossip originating from the Chantry’s slaves. The Masters within certainly keep themselves to themselves; only Master Adelrin is ever seen drinking at the nearby Smoking Meken Inn, and the regulars agree that’s probably for the best; the Masters have a dark reputation.

This can be used as a stand-alone module but is meant to be used with Golotha: The Deeper Dark, the third adventure in the Dark Rethem series.

by Alun Rees



Golotha GoAL Download


Chantry of Arcane Lore – Cherafir

September 6, 2012

The Chantry of Arcane Lore in Cherafir is one of the most prestigious institutions in Lythia. This article is a reworking of page 4 of the Cherafir article in Cities of Hârn, which is no longer available in print. The plans have been significantly amended and the written descriptions have been greatly expanded although the established details such as the number of masters and the Hall of the Godstone remain as they where.

If you own Cities of Hârn, and you would like more information on the most important institution on the Misty Isle, then this expansion is for you.

by Richard Woollacott

Cherafir CoAL Download


For those that want the original Sketchup file, here is the revised Chantry file. There are some clashes. The internal walls aren’t fully modelled, neither are the chimneys and the windows aren’t finished on the inside and none of the staircases are modelled either, nor are the cellars.

Cherafir CoAL - SKP Download



June 11, 2012

The construction and traditional use of coracles, small riverine vessels designed for one or two people. Coracles are often used when fishing.

by John Danzer

Coracle Download



July 21, 2009

This short (4 pp) article tries to shed some light on the performers that PCs might meet as they travel around the Harnic countryside. An acting troupe, a traveling circus, and a wandering minstrel are used as examples of “walking adventure hooks” for campaigns throughout Kethira.

by Joe Adams

Entertainment Download


Miller’s Guild

July 25, 2008

One of the most important guilds in western Lýthia, the Miller’s Guild has a monopoly on building, owning and operating mills. This 32 page article contains a wealth of information on the guild, including adventure ideas. The article covers windmills, watermills, fulling and crushing mills, as well as millers and an incredibly important specialist area, millwrights.

by Nick Lowson

Miller's Guild Download


Potter’s Guild

July 25, 2008

From fine tableware to lowly chamber pots, the potter’s wares are found in the homes of kings and peasants alike. This 12-page article takes a closer look at the potter’s craft as well as the structure and organization of the guild. Included is a two page section for use in creating a typical franchise which GMs can easily adapt to other guilds.

This is a perfect companion piece for Uthr’s Pottery, a guild franchise that is mapped out and described in the Lerenil settlement module. Illustrated with the fabulous work of two artists: Juha Makonnen and Matthias Fuchs.

by Sophia Tribad

Potters Guild Download


Clothing: An Expansion

July 19, 2008

The clothing article is a minor re-edit of an article available for several years on both Hâ and Poor Richards Hârn Page (Editor: neither of which appear to now exist). This four page article includes information on common items of clothing, including colours and dyes.

by Neil Thompson

Clothing Download


HârnMaster Mercantylism

July 18, 2008

Mercantylism is not just a merchant traveling from place to place buying and selling goods at wholesale or retail. Mercantylism involves not only the large and/or small merchants who buy and sell goods; but also the individuals who assist in the collecting of raw materials, transportation, manufacturing, and a myriad of other activities involved along the way.

HârnMaster Mercantylism has been developed to bring as many of the aspects of merchant activity together as possible. 64pp of useful information that crosses the boundaries between rules, and environmental information, this module also contains floorplans and descriptions of the Tashalan Hall of the Mangai and the Hall of Circles in Thay.

The module also includes weights and measures, caravans operations and fees, tolls, negotiable notes, commercial contracts, guild organisations, and much, much more. So much more than just a set of house rules for merchant PCs, and six years in the making, it covers many facets of the society and culture of western Lýthia, including Hârn, making this is one document you will want to download.

by Roy Denton

Mercantylism Download


Naniom Bridge

May 18, 2008

Naniom Bridge is an ancient span over the Nephen River, built by the Khuzdul during the Codominium era. Since then, it has withstood the test of time and warring civilizations to fulfill its immemorial mission: to carry trade from the Silver Way unto the heart of Azadmere. Located on the northern frontier of the kingdom of Kaldor, the Bridge and its small mercantile community now stand at the crossroads of history once again, as different factions vie to assert control over this strategic link.

by Peter Fauconnier (macgorgor) and Christophe Jaureguiberry (Roland de Ronceveaux)

Naniom Bridge Download