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People of Ochrynn

Ochrynn is currently home to around 100 people, although the population usually doubles or triples during the pilgrimage season, particularly for the Araksin Festival held during the month of Ilvin. The permanent population includes the 30 or so members of the Order of the Ochre Womb at Ochrynn Abbey, as well as the residents of a number of isolated homesteads to the west of the main settlement.

This 18 page article contains information on the Araksin Festival, descriptions of key NPCs in Ochrynn, a mysterious artifact called the Dreamer’s Triptych, a detailed description of the Smiling Nolah Inn, and notes on running a campaign using Araka-Kalai. A number of the people are described in Friends, Foes & Followers 20 & 21, a “double” issue  by Kerry Mould.

The article features both color and black and white artwork from Richard Luschek and professional editing and layout from Brent Bailey. Many thanks to Joe Adams and Kerry Mould for their contributions and feedback, and to all the generous members of the HârnForum community for their art sponsorship.

by Rob Barnes

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