Bestiary: Bitter Fallen

October 18, 2015

Part 21 of 22 in the series Dark Rethem

Most of the mortal population of Yashain are embodied souls of departed Kethirans with no memory of their former life. Most are judged worthy of entry into their afterlife but only the most pious are granted life eternal on Yashain. What, though, if these immortal servants of the gods are forgotten on Kethira? What if the emotion and devotion they attract from the mortals of Kethira dries up?  What if the power they harvest from this devotion ceases to flow to their god?  They Fall from Grace and some resent it; these are the Bitter Fallen and they want revenge for their loss.

by Alun Rees




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Demons and Divine Servants

February 4, 2014

This 13 page bestiary article provides general information on demons, divine servants, and other dwellers on Yashain. In addition, details are provided for the 8 types of V’hir and two types of Gytevsha.

by Conal Smith

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Spirit Folk (Faeries)

October 23, 2013

Spirit Folk, also known as faeries, are usually described as having shy, gentle natures and often possessing various, usually minor, powers. Many are helpful and sometimes warn travelers of danger or otherwise aid them. However, they can also be mischievous, even dangerous, if provoked.

This 12-page bestiary article explores the faerie folk of Hârn and includes information on their nature, society, powers, and weaknesses. HM3 stats are provided in sidebar form for each type, along with full color illustrations by Richard Luschek and editing and layout by Brent Bailey.

by Rob Barnes, Joe Adams, Shawn Bond, David Mareske, and Taren Scott

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September 23, 2013

The demonic servants of Agrik are detailed in this 6-page bestiary article in all their blood-drenched and smoking glory from the lowliest V’ii to the Sons of Agrik themselves. Includes full stats for HM3 and individual illustrations for each of the V’hir species.

(Illustrations by Hogan McLaughlin, Peder Bartholdy, Danny Cruz, Christopher Hiller, and Bernhard Bihler; editing and layout by Brent Bailey).

by Bernhard Bihler

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November 14, 2012

This 14-page article greatly expands the canon Aquatics bestiary article by Jonathan Davidson published by CGI (CG #4614). It details several species of sharks, dolphins, eels, rays & skates, jellyfish, sea turtles, and crabs.

Note on page numbers: since this article expands upon the original, its page number begins at 7 – if you do not own the original bestiary article you have to purchase it to get pages 1-6.

by Bernhard Bihler and Brent Bailey

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November 13, 2012

Whilst the CGI published bestiary article on ‘Dogs’ was extensive, there were in our opinion, two glaring omissions. These are the greyhound and the bulldog, both popular breeds of the medieval period. Presented here are pages 11 & 12 which will add to the ‘Dogs’ bestiary article. Firstly we present the Greyhound, a fast and agile courser, emblematic of nobility. Second there is the Harnic Bulldog, the ‘gamey’ baiting dog seen at fairs and festivals throughout Harn, where their masters set them upon bulls and bears in the bloody spectacle of the baiting ring.

by Bernhard Bihler, Stephen Mitchell and Brent Bailey

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Gargun Sausage

August 20, 2011

This article outlines Gargun social customs related to preserved food, and a perverted new fad spreading among the Kaldoran elite. Use it to add depth and realism to character interactions with Gargun or follow the adventure seeds included in the publication.

by Denis Kravchenko

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Beastiary: Nihlorn

May 21, 2011

Ivinian legends and fables tell of the days when Sarajin walked the lands of Ivinia entering glorious battle with the monsters that ruled the land. Those that he did not slay either joined him, or fled to the far corners of the world. Some of these fled to the island of Hârn where they have remained hidden, hoping to avoid the Icy Lord’s gaze. This article details one such creature, strong enough to challenge, but not so strong that a group of experienced adventurers could not prevail against it.

Version update: improved artwork (June 2011)

Artwork by Richard Luschek, inspiration by Kerry Mould.

by John Daniel

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September 14, 2010

The Oathnut, also referred to as the warming mushroom, is a truffle and not a nut. It can be found, albeit rarely, in the Mimean and Mineous Forest hundreds in Kanday and even more rarely in other forest regions of Hârn.

by Werner Riga

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Bestiary Index

June 5, 2009

This is a quick and dirty index of the beasts in the Bestiary articles released by CGI including those in HarnMaster 3 up until April 2009. I am happy to be informed of any errors and omission which will make it in to the next version, if I do one.

by Jonathan Davidson

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