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N. Robin Crossby, 1954-2008

We mourn the passing of N. Robin Crossby on July 23. Thousands of people have enjoyed his glorious vision of a fantastical, yet believable and consistent, world. I’m privileged to say that Robin was a friend of mine, although our relationship had become strained in the recent past. I considered him to be somewhat eccentric, but in a good way, the way Lewis Carroll was eccentric, the way C.S. Lewis was eccentric, the way Albert Einstein was eccentric, the way all creative geniuses are somewhat eccentric.

I wish I had something more poignant to say, but what can you say about someone’s passing; death is the inevitable conclusion to life. But it affects us when someone is taken from us before what we consider to be their time, and I consider Robin’s death to be very much before his time. I wanted so much for him to realise his dream of taking Hârn in new directions, to publish new places and new societies, to expand the world we know and love. I wanted so much for him to be a stunning success…and now he will only get to view his creation from afar as others carry on his works, as I’m sure he would want.

I mourn for the loss of my friend, I mourn for Robin’s family, and I mourn for the many fans of his creations. But I rejoice in the cessation of pain, the release of the burden he has carried for so long, and for the final freedom of such a wonderful spirit. May his journey lead to beauty and interesting times.

Rest in peace, Robin.

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2 comments on N. Robin Crossby, 1954-2008

  1. It was with great sadness that I learned of Robin’s untimely passing. I never knew Robin apart from through his wonderful work & regret not having had the opportunity to tell him what he & Harn meant to me; without him my life would have been just a little less bright, as indeed it is today.

    I send my condolences to Robin’s family & friends, & to his many fans. I too rejoice that Robin’s pain & suffering are at an end & hope that his spirit find peace.

    Respectfully yours,

  2. I knew Robin through many chats and e-mail exchanges, and despite having already prepared myself somewhat as it became clear that the cancer had gained the upper hand, I have been deeply saddened since I heard the news of his passing.

    If the measure of a man is in his ability to bring joy and inspiration to others, then Robin was great indeed. Many came to love the world he created, and were moved by Robin’s uncomprimising excellence in his work to aspire to make their own creations the best they could be. There is no greater proof of this than the community of Harn enthusiasts and the quality of the work that they create, the level of which puts to shame the vast majority of today’s commercial publications.

    Robin, thank you. I will miss you.

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