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Edino guards a crossing of the Eryn River and plays an important role in the development of the surrounding area. Sheriff Crasel of Avandar, a loyal vassal of the Kandian crown, resides in the impressive fortifications of Caer Edino. Being the hundred moot of Daenshire, the town provides various specialized services to wide parts of the shire, and its position on the western bank of the Eryn allows its residents to prosper from both, land and river trade.

Besides maps and floorplans, the article provides extensive NPC stats, and complete HârnManor data. It is consistent with Kanday 2nd ed., but not with the map from the Kanday Electronic Atlas.

This is part of the Mineous Forest Project, a series of articles focusing on locations and scenarios within Daenshire and Mineous Forest.

by Christian Düntgen


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