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Welcome to the HârnFAQ, a fan-maintained list of all the questions that are commonly asked by people new to Hârn. Purpose of HârnFAQ This Frequently Asked Questions list is intended to answer many of the most common questions about Hârn and HârnMaster. Some of these questions are very general, but others ask specific details about the world of Hârn or the rules of HârnMaster. Many of these questions have been raised multiple times on the […]


About HârnWorld HârnWorld is a fantasy roleplaying setting. It is roughly analogous to medieval Earth, although there is a considerable amount of variability in specific areas. It provides a comprehensive framework within which a game master (GM) can set a roleplaying campaign. Because HârnWorld operates under most of the same physical laws and social dynamics as medieval Earth, the GM can comfortably adapt to situations that occur during play. Of course, like any fantasy setting, […]