Podcast: May 2020

Here’s the first Hârn podcast for your enjoyment. It’s a rambling talk between myself and Sageryne (Peter Leitch & Kerry Mould) that covers how we came to Hârn, where we’d like to visit if Kethira were real, and what we find most appealing about the setting.

As a first podcasts there are some technical issues; you can hear me cough quite a lot. I’ve now found the mute button on the recording app, so hopefully that won’t happen again. There’s also the fact that we’re recording these in our homes, and sometime we get household noise in the background…and we aren’t yet professional enough to just start the take over again.

Finally, the sound level is a little erratic; Kerry’s voice levels are quite a bit higher than mine, so watch out for that. Again, I think I’ve found the controls for that, so next time won’t be so bad.

But we both hope you enjoy this; if you like it then go to the Hârnforum and leave a comment. Tells us what you liked, what you didn’t like, and any suggestions for the next podcast…if there is one. That depends on your feedback, of course.

The file is an MP3 so you can click on the play button and it will play for you, or you can download the file and play it later.

by Leitchy & Kerry Mould