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Podcast: July 2020

Here’s the third Hârn podcast for your enjoyment. In it, we interview Richard Luschek and ask him about how he became an artist, how he came to be the art director for Columbia Games Inc., and how he creates his artwork. We kick off a new segment call Location Highlights which will look at some area or location and discuss how it might be used in a game. Today we look at the empty places of Rethem, especially along the road built during the Corani Empire’s expansion, which is now just a trail through forest hundred. Finally, there is a discussion about writing fanon; what are some of the technique writers can use to help with that activity.

There is a Hârnforum post where you can leave a comment. Tells us what you liked, what you didn’t like, and any suggestions for the next podcast.

The file is an MP3 so you can click on the play button and it will play for you, or you can download the file and play it later.

by Leitchy & Kerry Mould

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