Keep on the Borderlands

The Keep on the Borderlands is set in Dyriamarch, a region of Melderyn claimed, but not effectively controlled by that kingdom. While the inspiration for the name is obvious to long-time roleplayers, the tone of the adventure is decidedly Hârnic in flavour.

The module consists of 28 pages covering :

  • The Keep on the Borderlands (adventure) 4pp
  • Laket Keep (6pp + 2 maps)
  • Tavrios mines (an abandoned copper mine in the Anadel Highlands (4pp + 4 maps)
  • Gurnys of Kaler (2pp)
  • Encounters (6pp)

This document is not the same as Edward Dewe’s project on Dyriamarch, but rather a case of convergent evolution leading to similar takes on the same theme. Apologies to Edward if he feels this in any way undercuts his work — it is not the intent and it would be very interested to see how he interpreted a similar idea. The articles are based on Columbia Games Inc.’s earlier location articles (4-6 pages plus maps) rather than the more recent and more detailed articles, reflecting my own tastes.

Version 2 includes editing suggestions from Kerry Mould and formatting and pictures by Neil Thompson. My sincere thanks to those guys.

by Conal Smith

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