September 20, 2008

The Hefiosa region lies in the heart of the Thardic Republic. It is a rugged and dangerous place rarely penetrated by Tharda’s citizens. It’s the source of the fanosel that blights the urban poor, and the home of bandits that prey on every Thardic route. Military careers have been built or ruined in expeditions against the Hefiosans – the old Empire itself was nearly broken by those indomitable people. And there are dangers in the Hefiosa beyond its irascible goatherds, such as the majestic and nearly invulnerable Khora Ram.

This article provides:

  • a detailed map of the northern Hefiosa, including the deeply scarred landscape north and east of Imrium.
  • a players’ map of the entire region
  • sections on the topography and ecology of the Hefiosa
  • descriptions of the Hefiosan people, including economics and folkways
  • descriptions of major personalities among the Hefiosans, and among the Thardic captains assigned to patrol its environs
  • a variety of plot hooks.

by Anonymous

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Hârn Regional Maps now on sale!

September 9, 2008

Keléstia Productions is extremely proud to announce that two versions of a brand new, definitive, regional map of the islands of Hârn is now available for purchase.

This product is available both as an electronic, interactive PDF file, with multiple layers, and as a printed poster, which will be shipped to customers who order that version.

These two (separate) products can be purchased from the Keléstia Productions webstore:

– Hârn Regional Map (interactive PDF version)
– Hârn Regional Map (printed version)

A preview of these products is available from our website.

We hope and trust you will enjoy these products, which we consider are a fitting tribute to a lifetime’s work by Hârn’s creator, N. Robin Crossby.


Jeremy Baker
Project Director


September 3, 2008

An adjunct to the Columbia Games Inc. product HârnManor, this 4pp PDF deals with the development of a town in the same way that HârnManor deals with the development of a manor. Written by the same author that brought you IviniaThran, HârnTown is a useful tool for the GM to create a town that are believable and fairly consistent. Like that article, this one was also on HarnMaster.net and has been formatted anew. Other settlement generators include HârnSettlement and the Hârn Settlement Generator, a Java-based program.

by Jonathan Nicholas

HârnTown Download



September 3, 2008

An adjunct to the Columbia Games Inc. product HârnManor, IviniaThran allows the GM to develop a thran in the lands where the Ivinian culture dominates, including Orbaal, Harbaal, and perhaps even the more remote, more conservative areas of Chelemby. Throughout the article, a worked example is given, guiding the GM through some of the more escoteric parts. This example is included in an Excel spreadsheet, which GMs can use to work their own creations. Written by the same author who brought you HârnTown, and once on HârnMaster.net, the article has been reformatted for life on Lythia.com, although the text hasn’t changed in any important way. Other settlement generators include HârnSettlement and the Hârn Settlement Generator, a Java-based program.

by Jonathan Nicholas

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September 2, 2008

Caer Menekai is a 16 page article detailing the home of the Order of the Red Shadows in north-eastern Rethem. The PDF includes a common map of the town beyond the walls of Caer Menekai and of the Red Shadow’s mighty fortress. The local population was generated using Harn Settlement. Maps have been improved by macgorgor.

by Alun Rees

{Please note this aricle and its maps have been withdrawn at the author’s request pending release of an official commercial version of Menekai.}


September 2, 2008

HârnSettlement seeks to take the concepts pioneered by the many manor generators, in particular ‘newmanor’ by Rebecca Downey and extend them to build towns as well as manors. This spreadsheet will treat settlements without a keep or castle broadly as in the Columbia Games Inc. product HârnManor, but the presence of a keep or castle will lead it to produce a ‘Town’ (or urban) population to supplement the usual ‘Manorial’ (rural) population. Some of ‘HârnTown‘ by Johnathan Nicholas has been used as the basis of the ‘town’ components, though the proportion of urban households is based on the original canon proportions and no distinction is drawn between inland and coastal towns. This spreadsheet also doesn’t deal any differently with Orbaalese settlements (unlike HârnTown). There’s also the Hârn Settlement Generator, a Java-based program, and IviniaThran for other settlement generation options.

Updated to Version 2 March 2009

by Alun

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Saint Angryl’s Temple

September 1, 2008

Founded by Kaldorans after the Treasure War in 678TR, Saint Angryl’s Temple lies in the wide valley of the Ulmerien River, almost a league south of Burzyn castle. This Peonian establishment is extremely poor, even for a Peonian temple, because of its tenuous association with the Peonian Church in Kaldor.

by Sophia Tribad

Saint Angryls Temple Download