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The Hefiosa region lies in the heart of the Thardic Republic. It is a rugged and dangerous place rarely penetrated by Tharda’s citizens. It’s the source of the fanosel that blights the urban poor, and the home of bandits that prey on every Thardic route. Military careers have been built or ruined in expeditions against the Hefiosans – the old Empire itself was nearly broken by those indomitable people. And there are dangers in the Hefiosa beyond its irascible goatherds, such as the majestic and nearly invulnerable Khora Ram.

This article provides:

  • a detailed map of the northern Hefiosa, including the deeply scarred landscape north and east of Imrium.
  • a players’ map of the entire region
  • sections on the topography and ecology of the Hefiosa
  • descriptions of the Hefiosan people, including economics and folkways
  • descriptions of major personalities among the Hefiosans, and among the Thardic captains assigned to patrol its environs
  • a variety of plot hooks.

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