HârnSettlement seeks to take the concepts pioneered by the many manor generators, in particular ‘newmanor’ by Rebecca Downey and extend them to build towns as well as manors. This spreadsheet will treat settlements without a keep or castle broadly as in the Columbia Games Inc. product HârnManor, but the presence of a keep or castle will lead it to produce a ‘Town’ (or urban) population to supplement the usual ‘Manorial’ (rural) population. Some of ‘HârnTown‘ by Johnathan Nicholas has been used as the basis of the ‘town’ components, though the proportion of urban households is based on the original canon proportions and no distinction is drawn between inland and coastal towns. This spreadsheet also doesn’t deal any differently with Orbaalese settlements (unlike HârnTown). There’s also the Hârn Settlement Generator, a Java-based program, and IviniaThran for other settlement generation options.

Updated to Version 2 March 2009

by Alun


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