Whyce Chapterhouse

The spread of Laranianism throughout the Kingdom of Kaldor has seen it grow rich in lands. The Laranian clerical order, The Spear of Shattered Sorrow, granted Whyce Manor to its martial order, The Lady of Paladins (qv), in 593TR. As the first, and now most senior Chapterhouse of the fighting order, Whyce has become the de-facto headquarters of the order, and has become the training centre for the entire kingdom. Grown from an initial ten knights, Whyce now houses 173 souls. Many of the knights trained here end up at Nebulan Chapterhouse (qv), where there is an ongoing campaign against the tribes of the Pagaelin.

Another fabulous example of fan-developed work, this is mapped and illustrated in the finest tradition.

by Kerry Mould & Kenneth Malcom


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