Kobing Keep

Kobing is located in the far south of the Kingdom of Kaldor, and is home to Baron Orsin Firith, Lord Warden of Oselmarch and commander of the Oselmarch Army. The keep and town guard the southern approaches of the kingdom from the ravages of the barbarian nation of the Pagaelin.

Baron Orsin Firith is a powerful noble, with a solid but distant claim to the throne of Kaldor. He rules Kobing firmly, and has petitioned the Crown for the right to establish a stronghold at Oselbridge, where the Genin Trail from Melderyn and Chybisa crossed the Osel River into Kaldor proper. Both petitions have been denied.

This module describes not only the town, keep and people, but also briefly outlines the Oselmarch Army.

by Dave Debien

Contributing Writers: Chris Van Tighem & Patrick Nilsson

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