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An Ocean Port For Kaldor

As at the beginning of 720TR, Kaldor lacks a port capable of handling ocean-going vessels. In fact, Kaldor lacks much of a coastline at all, let alone anything that would be useful as a port. What locations are even possible, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each of them?

Back in 2002, this problem for Kaldor was discussed on the HârnForum but nothing definite was decided. However, it got me thinking and I discussed the issue with N. Robin Crossby. The article you can download here is the result of that discussion. In no way is this official material, because the official ‘history’ of HârnWorld is written up to the beginning of 720TR, and at that point, Kaldor doesn’t have a port. So this is speculative, something that GMs could use in a campaign if they wish.

This article forms the basis for a discussion (qv) about the consequences to Kaldor and the rest of Hârn of establishing a port at the location described.

by Leitchy


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