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Getha Keep

Getha is the largest village in Fethael Hundred. The seat and ancestral home of the Indama clan, this village also provides goods and services to Silver Way caravans and travelers. This article includes two inns and the Baronial Keep as mapped by George Kelln. The details of the village’s Halean temple are included as a separate file. The temple’s regular religious ceremony, the Shesneala, and the Temple’s Feast of Halane are also described. While the personalities and motivations in this article are specific to the temple in Getha, GMs should be able to “re-locate” the temple to other small towns on Hârn (especially eastern Hârn), without too much work.

Whether you are interested in a setting for a caravan as it travels the Silver Way, role-playing adventures at a small fair, or using Getha as a base for your Kaldoric Succession Crisis, this article will give you the scenario and background information that you need.

by Joe Adams


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