Drydere Manor

This Chybisan estate, at just 750 acres, has the dubious distinction of being one of the smallest fiefs in the smallest Kingdom on Hârn. Drydere manor may be small, but many leading members of Chybisa’s elite regularly visit, making the manor a hotbed for political intrigue. The Dowager Lady Selkes, bailiff of Drydere, through marriage and blood, and her background and social skills, is well connected to many of these powerful individuals.

This 12-page article includes GM and Players Maps, Interior Plans of the manor hall and stables, genealogy of clan Selkes, local area points of interest, as well as a page of adventure hooks, and a two-page adventure outline. The article also contains heraldry by C. I. Roegner and Matt Roegner.

by S. J. Clark

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