Comprehensive Pricelists

A useful aide for any GM, these pricelists are all fairly comprehensive, drawing together prices from many places. GMs should use these as a kind of price indication, actual prices charged could vary up or down depending on season, competition, supply, the seller’s greed and the buyer’s bargaining skills. Download them all and pick the one you like best.

Updated Dec 2019, the first pricelist is in both old (.doc) and new (.docx) MS Word formats, which allows GMs to add and change prices to suit themselves. It’s also in PDF format for those that don’t use Microsoft Office products.
by Alan Nelson

This material is also available as a Foundry VTT module.

The second pricelist was put together from information in the first edition of the HârnMaster rules. It is a PDF file.
by Patrick Nilsson

The final pricelist is also a compilation and formatted for my own personal convenience. Some prices in this version are slightly higher than in the others. It is in both MS Word and PDF format.
by Leitchy

2 comments on Comprehensive Pricelists

  1. Thank you very much for the price list. It will come in very handy. I’ve noticed that some of the items have footnotes and such attached to them, but there aren’t any explanations of what the footnotes mean. Would it be possible to update the pricelist to include an explanation of these? (I hope this doesn’t come across as a complaint. I know this must’ve taken more than a bit of your time to compile, and it would be beyond rude to complain about a game-aid that’s free.)

  2. If you are talking about the asterisks, the explanation is at the bottom of the last page. Basically, it denotes that the price is the cost for 100% body coverage. To get a rough estimate of anything worn, multiply the cost (or weight, for that matter) by the sum of the percentages of the body locations it covers. All of the pertinent information is repeated in the Armor / Clothing section on the last page.

    Also, I’ve done the best that I could to come up with realistic weights and pricing based off of all of the information I was able to get my hands on. There are many cases where there was conflicting information and I just made my best guess. If you know of a source for prices / weights of items that aren’t in the list, or that you think are incorrect… I am happy to consider them.

    This is a work that is always “in progress”. Formatting the information is something of a pain when new items cause re-pagination, so if the document suddenly increases to 7 pages… don’t be surprised. I will occasionally post updates whenever I make major changes.

    – Alan

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