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Caverns of Araka-Kalai

According to Ilviran teachings and common Hârnic legend, the caverns below the Pit of Araka-Kalai are the home of the reclusive god Ilvir, where he spawns his “fatherless multitude,” the Ivashu. Every year, scores of pilgrims make the arduous journey to Araka-Kalai to be near their god. While many are content to demonstrate their devotion from the surface, others descend into the depths.

Exploring the cavern complex is dangerous and physically demanding. It requires skill, preparation, and equipment. A light source, reliable climbing gear, and protection from subterranean hazards are essential. In addition to an array of mundane physical hazards, the caverns are home to an ever-changing variety of Ivashu, many of which are indiscriminate about the religious affiliation of their next meal.

This 22-page article is intended to supplement the official Araka-Kalai article from Columbia Games, more than doubling the number of areas detailed. It features maps by Bill Beane, full color illustrations by Richard Luchek, and editing and layout by Brent Bailey.

by Rob Barnes

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