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Durrie Manor

Durrie is one of many villages on the edge of civilization, pressing back the borders of wilderness around Kaldor. The village lies on the western edge of Nelefayn Hundred (qv) on the northern banks of the Hemurin River. King Chelebin III signed a charter allowing the Hundred to expand in 665 TR. The new village would fall victim to a gargun swarm from nearby Gifuzo in early 677 TR. Many villagers, and most of a small mercenary company, would die defending the village. Only the chance arrival of a unit of the Lady of Paladins from the Iversen (qv) chapter house would prevent the people of Durrie from being totally wiped out.

Since ‘Durrie’s Last Stand’, the village has prospered and is still growing. The activities of the Timberwrights’ Guild not only helps with clearing lands to expand the fields, it also adds to the village coffers with its trading and fees. Except for some recent guild feuding and the occasional gargun trouble, Durrie’s future seems assured.

by Aaron Kavli

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