Lankorian Blackhand Font

The Lakise “Lankorian Blackhand” font is based on the example “Lankorian Blackhand” script  developed by Lucas Magnusson and first published in the Hârnworld fanzine Thonahexus 5 in 2004. From his write up in that issue: Lankor is the birthplace of this dark, fractured hand that is sprung from the austere minds of the Lankorians and reflects the heavy forests and mountains of their land. This script is only found in the kingdom of Lankor.

Blackhand is unique among the Lakise scripts. It is made up of vertical and horizontal angular strokes as opposed to the usual round and diagonal ones of other scripts. Blackhand is somewhat slower to write because of this and demands more concentration from the scribe. However, a finely crafted page of tightly written Blackhand is indeed an impressive sight—some would even say intimidating.

The download contains the font in various formats, a PDF of the font showing the keyboard mapping for it, and some examples w/ pronunciations of a few words.

by Mitch Gore

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