HârnMaster Mercantylism

Mercantylism is not just a merchant traveling from place to place buying and selling goods at wholesale or retail. Mercantylism involves not only the large and/or small merchants who buy and sell goods; but also the individuals who assist in the collecting of raw materials, transportation, manufacturing, and a myriad of other activities involved along the way.

HârnMaster Mercantylism has been developed to bring as many of the aspects of merchant activity together as possible. 64pp of useful information that crosses the boundaries between rules, and environmental information, this module also contains floorplans and descriptions of the Tashalan Hall of the Mangai and the Hall of Circles in Thay.

The module also includes weights and measures, caravans operations and fees, tolls, negotiable notes, commercial contracts, guild organisations, and much, much more. So much more than just a set of house rules for merchant PCs, and six years in the making, it covers many facets of the society and culture of western Lýthia, including Hârn, making this is one document you will want to download.

by Roy Denton


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