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01 Sep 06

Trying out a new CSS to make it easier to find the upcoming releases.
19 Aug 06

I've moved everything from Geocities to avoid the download limits.
Spring 05

Uploaded the Fethael Hundred Gazetteer and several manors to
08 Mar 04

Fethael Hundred and the Knights of Kaldor started as a fan project on


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General Articles

Here is where I'll post the articles that I've written that aren't directly connected to the Knights of Kaldor or Fethael Hundred.

The art, joy, and struggle of being an entertainer in Hârn.
Rituals and Pilgrims
This and many other great articles were published in Thonahexus.  This particular article appears in Thonhexus 07.
Last Update: 07 Sep 2006