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Khuzan Hunting Lodge

At the height of the Codominium, a Khuzan clan adapted part of an existing natural cave system for use as a hunting lodge. Each autumn, the Khuzdul would travel there to spend a month hunting; the rest of the time the site sat empty. It has remained hidden for more than a millennium.

Like previous HWG articles, the hunting lodge is intended for use wherever the GM requires. If it is still in use, it could be placed near the Kingdom of Azadmere. If it was more recently abandoned, it could be located close to the former Kingdom of Kiraz. If it is long abandoned, then it could be located anywhere on the island, possibly even in the middle of a current human kingdom, as the Khuzdul travelled freely over all of Hârn during the Codominium era.

This 10-page article includes both GM and player maps, detail descriptions, and illustration of the complex. It has a page of adventure hooks including options for hunting lodges still in use, abandoned but open sites, and long forgotten locations to provide the GM with many options to integrate this site into their own campaigns.

Kerry Mould wrote the article, drew the interior plans, and did the lay out. The overall article was edited by Rob Barnes. Special thanks to John Danzer (Gronkgroks on Harnforum) for permission to adapt the idea for Warming and Freezing Stones from the impressive forum post he wrote on March 28, 2011. The excellent colour illustrations by Richard Luschek would not have been possible without the generous financial support of Dean White, Simon Raboczi, Christopher Morris, Jay Sojdelius, Peter Kramer, Ulrish Drees, Mark G Hazen, Allan Prewett and one donor who asked to remain anonymous. I also want to thank the sponsors for their proof-reading and feedback throughout this very collaborative process.

by Kerry Mould

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