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Kaldoric Feudal Payments

This file is a spreadsheet containing a list of 633 Kaldoran manors—plus Tashal—in which the feudal payments for each manor is calculated and listed.  The calculations are rough estimates based on the “rule of thumb” guidelines contained in HARN MANOR.  It also assumes that landed tenants (Barons, Earls, etc.) are required to pay roughly 2d per acre of their holding.  In this way, a rough estimate of how much nobles of the realm should be paying the King of Kaldor has been established, as well as how much extra income various lords will receive from their vassals.  The spreadsheet does not contain any macros.  The first tab contains all of the manors, while the second tab contains all of the Hundred ID codes.  Each manor has its own Fief ID as well.

by HalC

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