Brothers of Deheubarth

The three brothers of Deheubarth, Adda, Geraint and Rhisiart, were renowned Jarin warriors of the Galarus tribe of Aberth during the second century TR. They lived in the Jahl mountains, and made their name fighting the Anoa, Taelda and Ymodi tribesmen. Their love of battle lead the brothers to venture south to take up arms against Lothrim, and they were involved in the sacking of Elkall-Anuz. Harpers started singing of their exploits and their fame grew. They returned to Aberth and turned their efforts to raising families.

However, the brothers grew restless. Adda, the eldest, and Geraint were often involved in drunken brawls with other warriors, while Rhisiart gained a reputation with the warriors wives. Tensions grew and finally the three brothers decided to once again venture forth in search of adventure. They left their families behind to fend for themselves, as they rode off to the south.

This is one of a series of articles on the legends and folklore of Hârn and Lythia, collectively called Common Knowledge. These tales are presented in two parts: the legend itself and GM notes, arranged on separate pages, so that the GM may give a photocopy of the Legend to his players.

by Nicholas Lowson

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