Night People

September 26, 2012

Night People are known by many, understood by few, and widely hated or feared. They are wandering folk, traveling the countryside in family groups of up to several dozen people in black wagons festooned with brightly colored flags and painted images. They camp in fallow fields, trading with the villagers and hosting mad revels to the wild beat of their drums and the insane screeching of their fiddles until the lord’s men send them away.

The Night People are known for their strange powers. There is almost always a seer among them and they are great gamblers, dancers, and tellers of tales. It is considered bad luck to kill a Night Person; the murderer is almost always found dead within a short time. Common folk look upon the Night People with a peculiar mix of fascination and loathing. Landless and unprotected, they are the lowest of the low, yet they possess strange powers and always have thrilling tales of the world beyond the manor.

This 12 page article presents a variety of information on the Night People of Hârn, including their history, religion, and customs. Guidelines are provided for creating Night People characters, and a sample band of is detailed for immediate use by the GM.

by Rob Barnes and Taren Scott

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Venârivè Weather Generator

September 13, 2012

Oyez! Oyez! Hear me all!
Bad weather approaches. Be ready and fast! Secure one and all!
Time of waste will harm us all! Be ready and fast! Secure one and all!

And then the storm hits…or did it? Some people have a low skill in weatherlore and may call it wrong. Then on the other-hand; where did that storm come from!?

The Venârivè Weather Generator will help those GMs that want to add weather as a real dimension to their game session. Although best used with HârnMaster, it has been designed to work with any game system. There are preset weather tables included with the file, but the GM will have the option to create a custom weather system as well. It will generate macro elements of the weather by the hour and by the watch: cloud cover, precipitation, wind direction and speed. It will also show seasonal daylight hours, and give day and night temperatures.

It was developed using Windows Excel 2007.

by Aldo Santolla

Venarive Weather Generator Download


Venârivè Maps Updated

September 10, 2012

A new way of looking at Venârivè…

We are pleased to be able to provide a set of new versions of the popular Venârivè maps, which expand upon the version included with Venârivè: Northwestern Lýthia. These new versions are available now.

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Hooks: Forest Patrol

September 8, 2012

Part 3 of 3 in the series Plot Hooks

“Sergeant!” shouted Lord Scina Dariune.

“Yes, m’lord?” replied his dour Sergeant-at-Arms Gareth Hawke.

“Where in the Pit are we?!”

“As far as I can tell, m’lord, we’re about four leagues north-east of camp” the tall ex-Thardan legionary replied calmly. However, his attitude didn’t assuage Lord Scina one little bit.

“I can’t see more than fifty feet in any direction!” He slapped his gloves on his saddle in frustration. “How are we supposed to bring the Taelda barbarians to heel if we cannot even find them?” he demanded.

Gareth sighed, mentally casting a prayer for patience towards Valon, the realm of the goddess Peoni. The young lord needed a serious attitude adjustment if he was to lead troops into battle, and it was Gareth’s job to to that without breaking his spirit. So he had been charged by Scina’s father, the powerful Earl of Balim, Exchequer Royal of Kaldor and trusted advisor to King Miginath.

He was about to reply when something, that innate sixth sense experienced professional soldiers develop, caused him to pause and look beyond the young lord’s left shoulder. After a heartbeat, a crude arrow whizzed from the deep underbrush towards Scina’s back.

“Down!” shouted Hawke, dragging at Scina’s sholder. He followed this immediately by shouting “Ambush! Dismount and form a skirmish line.”

This command was directed at the eight members of the patrol. They struggled to obey but a storm of arrows from all around them interfered with their unit cohesion. A man’s scream signaled the first casualty of the engagement. A quick glance told Gareth it was a minor wound but disabling, in the man’s calf muscle. Fortunately, the rest of the crude arrows bounced or broke on the soldiers’ armour.

The horses began to panic, rolling white eyes. Another arrow storm and they broke, racing away from the biting, stinging arrows that nicked and pierced their hides. A man who had been slower than others in dismounting still had a foot in his stirrup when his horse bolted. He was flipped around, his leg breaking with a sickening crack. His foot still stuck in the stirrup, his screams faded as his horse dragging him off through the bushes.

The remaining soldiers gathered in a tight group, facing all directions with shields raised against another arrow storm, the injured man at their center leaning on his spear and groaning in pain.

A short, barking sound came from outside their perimeter and furry bodies hurled themselves at the Kaldoran patrol.

“Filthy gargun!” said Lord Scina.

And battle was joined.


There are many kinds of wilderness surrounding the settled areas of all the kingdoms of Harn, but thick, primordial temperate forest is surely the most difficult to secure effectively. The sight lines for your archers is very restricted and the uncertain footing, with all those roots, holes hidden by leaf mulch, and fallen branches, is very dangerous terrain for a medieval soldier. Barbarian tribesmen and gargun who live in the forest would be able to move with a lot less trouble than a soldier used to open fields and meadows.

If you were running a campaign that included the need to patrol a heavily wooded area, wha kinds of things might you need to take into account, especially when it came to the effectiveness of standoff weapons like arrows? You’ll need to determine how thick the forest actually is, how far each side can see, how experienced the two commanders are, especially how experienced they are fighting in this terrain. There are other factors too; geology might tell you how many rock piles, hillocks, cave systems, and other defensible areas there are available. Conversely, how many streams and rivulets, sinkholes, ravines and cliffs might interfere with movement are additional considerations. How close the two sides can get to one another without alerting the others, and whether there are suitable ambush sites…these can all be considered by a GM setting up a scenario similar to the one above.

Other terrain will have other elements, of course. Bogs and standing water in heathland, sand dunes and wind near the shoreline, and buildings and people in settled areas, all can create opportunities or obstacles for the opposing forces. In essence, the GM needs to consider what elements of the environment help or hinder each of the sides in a conflict, large or small. A little careful consideration can mean your battles have a sense of realism and depth, and they’ll probably flow a little better as well.


September 8, 2012

Uldien is the smallest Barony of Kaldor, located on the confluence of the Nephen and Selene rivers. It is a rural settlement, but ambitious, ruled by a Baron known for his chivalry and honour. The local Abbey has grand plans to elevate an ancestor of the Baron to sainthood – an undertaking that might bring prosperity or ruin to the sleepy little town of Uldien. This file contains descriptions of the town of Uldien, including detailed plans of the local manor, keep, a Laranian abbey, an inn, and a quite unusual small chantry. Details are also given for the vassal clans of the Barony.

The local map of Uldien was originally drawn by Nick Lowson. It has been slightly modified to bring it more in line with canon.

by Bernhard Bihler

Uldien Download

Golotha Guild of Arcane Lore

September 8, 2012

Part 15 of 21 in the series Dark Rethem

Most people expect a Chantry of Arcane Lore to emanate an aura of mystery and magic. Most of what those neighbours know about the Masters who study here is gossip originating from the Chantry’s slaves. The Masters within certainly keep themselves to themselves; only Master Adelrin is ever seen drinking at the nearby Smoking Meken Inn, and the regulars agree that’s probably for the best; the Masters have a dark reputation.

This can be used as a stand-alone module but is meant to be used with Golotha: The Deeper Dark, the third adventure in the Dark Rethem series.

by Alun Rees

Golotha GoAL Download


Zarainsen Warehouse

September 8, 2012

Part 14 of 21 in the series Dark Rethem

This ramshackle two storey building lies at the heart of power in Golotha. If any building was placed to see all sections of Golothan society, and to be seen by them, then this is it. It boasts none of the grandeur of Golotha’s public buildings yet is a centre of power; power confidently displayed. It is the place of business of one of the most influential men in Golotha, and perhaps the realm.

This can be used as a stand-alone module but is meant to be used with Golotha: The Deeper Dark, the third adventure in the Dark Rethem series.

by Alun Rees

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Golotha: The Deeper Dark

September 8, 2012

Part 13 of 21 in the series Dark Rethem

Golotha is known as the darkest and most disreputable city in all Harn, perhaps in all western Lythia, yet most of the acts that earn it this reputation are carried out in secret and seclusion. This adventure lifts the veil on some of those secrets and confronts the player characters with both the nature and consequences of the evils at large in the city.  They quickly become embroiled in the hunt for a gruesome serial killer which soon acquires supernatural, perhaps Morgathian, overtones.

This is the third adventure in the Dark Rethem series.

by Alun Rees

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Daasen Keep

September 8, 2012

Daasen is an Ivinian thran nestled in a small cove along the Jarig River in Orbaal. The small thran of Daasen is now ruled by Harsin, a foolish and unpopular Valhakar of clan Daasen, and there are moves afoot to overthrow and replace him. The thran is a thriving economy based upon the wealth of hunting and fishing in the area, but despite its wealth and the calls from his bretheren in Myna, Harsin has not sent tribute to clan Daas of Myna since becoming the clan’s Valhakar.

There is tension about the thran between the local Jarin population and their Ivinian mastes.

This richly illustrated article tells of the history and current position of Daasen. It includes a local map (b&w and colour), and describes most of the buildings and their inhabitants in the CGI classic format. Daasen can be easily converted to represent any other thran in Orbaal, and should be useful for any campaign taking place in the Ivinian corner of Harn.

by Neil Milne


Daasen Keep Download


Chantry of Arcane Lore – Cherafir

September 6, 2012

The Chantry of Arcane Lore in Cherafir is one of the most prestigious institutions in Lythia. This article is a reworking of page 4 of the Cherafir article in Cities of Hârn, which is no longer available in print. The plans have been significantly amended and the written descriptions have been greatly expanded although the established details such as the number of masters and the Hall of the Godstone remain as they where.

If you own Cities of Hârn, and you would like more information on the most important institution on the Misty Isle, then this expansion is for you.

by Richard Woollacott

Cherafir CoAL Download


For those that want the original Sketchup file, here is the revised Chantry file. There are some clashes. The internal walls aren’t fully modelled, neither are the chimneys and the windows aren’t finished on the inside and none of the staircases are modelled either, nor are the cellars.

Cherafir CoAL - SKP Download