Night People

Night People are known by many, understood by few, and widely hated or feared. They are wandering folk, traveling the countryside in family groups of up to several dozen people in black wagons festooned with brightly colored flags and painted images. They camp in fallow fields, trading with the villagers and hosting mad revels to the wild beat of their drums and the insane screeching of their fiddles until the lord’s men send them away.

The Night People are known for their strange powers. There is almost always a seer among them and they are great gamblers, dancers, and tellers of tales. It is considered bad luck to kill a Night Person; the murderer is almost always found dead within a short time. Common folk look upon the Night People with a peculiar mix of fascination and loathing. Landless and unprotected, they are the lowest of the low, yet they possess strange powers and always have thrilling tales of the world beyond the manor.

This 12 page article presents a variety of information on the Night People of Hârn, including their history, religion, and customs. Guidelines are provided for creating Night People characters, and a sample band of is detailed for immediate use by the GM.

by Rob Barnes and Taren Scott


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