Venârivè Weather Generator

Oyez! Oyez! Hear me all!
Bad weather approaches. Be ready and fast! Secure one and all!
Time of waste will harm us all! Be ready and fast! Secure one and all!

And then the storm hits…or did it? Some people have a low skill in weatherlore and may call it wrong. Then on the other-hand; where did that storm come from!?

The Venârivè Weather Generator will help those GMs that want to add weather as a real dimension to their game session. Although best used with HârnMaster, it has been designed to work with any game system. There are preset weather tables included with the file, but the GM will have the option to create a custom weather system as well. It will generate macro elements of the weather by the hour and by the watch: cloud cover, precipitation, wind direction and speed. It will also show seasonal daylight hours, and give day and night temperatures.

It was developed using Windows Excel 2007.

by Aldo Santolla


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